Top 5 Android antivirus applications for smartphone or tablet

Top 5 Android antivirus applications for smartphone or tablet

You stress to catch a virus on your smartphone or tablet ? I offer you a small selection ofAntivirus application for Android.

As a reminder, the best way to avoid catching these little beasts on your terminal is to not download applications or games outside the Google Play Store. Know that Google checks the content of each app on its market to ensure maximum security.

AVG Mobile Antivirus

AVG is a port of the existing application on PC, but offers some additional features on mobile since it includes a geolocation system in case of loss or theft of your smartphone or tablet. In addition to this feature to find your device, you will have the possibility to block unwanted calls and messages.

You can download the free version from the Google Play Store at first, then if you want to access additional features, you can go for the pro version which is currently on sale for 7.50 euros.

Dr.Web Antivirus

Famous on PC, Dr.Web.The Web comes to Android. This one offers you a complete protection from the analysis of applications and games to the geolocation of your mobile. Moreover, like its competitors, it offers the anti-spam feature to block unwanted calls and messages. Another interesting feature, especially for parents, is the possibility of blocking unsolicited pages according to previously selected categories (drugs, insults, violence, terrorism, etc.).)

The application is free on the Android market, however the license will cost you 58.13 euros .

G Data Antivirus

G Data Antivirus focuses more precisely on the infection part since it does not offer anti-theft, geolocation in its free version and you will have to pay (18.99 euros) to access it.

However, you can always install the free version which offers a simple control of your files if you don’t want a whole bunch of features.

To download the application, I invite you to download G Data Antivirus on the Google Play Store.

McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee’s solution is very complete as it offers all the above mentioned features. You no longer want to receive unwanted calls or messages ? It takes care of it like a security guard in front of a nightclub ! You have lost your mobile or your slate or worse someone has stolen it ? It will find your device !

Just download the free application from the Play Store. Nothing could be easier to protect yourself effectively.

Norton Antivirus and Security

One of the most famous and most decried on the web: Norton Antivirus and Security, arrives on the Play Store offering you a lot of more or less useful features. In its lite version you will find the bare minimum:
Lock the lost or stolen phone, remotely and by SMS

  • Scan and remove applications and updates that can harm or slow down your device
  • Analyze SD cards for threats

As for the premium version, it will allow you to access advanced features such as those offered by the Cerberus Antitheft application, i.e. the use of the remote webcam, the triggering of an anti-theft alarm, the locking of the terminal, the deletion of data and all this remotely through the editor’s web interface.

The downloading the application is free on the Play Store, but as mentioned above, it restricts you to a few features, but if you want to unlock the rest of the possible actions, you’ll have to pay the modest sum of 29.99 dollars.

This file was created with the aim of introducing you to some antivirus applications for Android, but there is nothing more effective than your vigilance !

How to recognize a good antivirus ?

Before you start downloading the software, make sure that you have all the information you need’an antivirus, make sure that’it is reliable. Indeed, several criteria allow you to recognize if your tool will be effective or not. Start right away’First of all, check users’ reviews and ratings, as these are valuable clues as to whether you can trust a program or not.

Indeed, an important factor for a phone antivirus is the’is that’it do not take too much internal memory. The RAM of your smartphone n’This application is not undefined, on the contrary, in an application too heavy could harm the performance of your device’efficiency of your device without getting rid of malicious data.

To help you choose, you can also trust the big names in antivirus protection, which undoubtedly offer the best antivirus 2019 in their ranks. Indeed, computer protection software is also very effective for mobiles and will naturally help you protect your personal data. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time and sometimes your money unnecessarily by protecting your bank data.

You should also know that the best antivirus programs often remain in first place for several years, so do not immediately trust the latest arrivals.