Review of the SoShape lose weight without getting discouraged challenge

Opinion on the SoShape Challenge: lose weight without getting discouraged

You may have heard of the young French company So Shape which proposes to consume diet products over a given period of time to lose a few kilos. The company, which works a lot on its marketing, has become known thanks to its challenges, in which many bloggers and influencers participate. In this article, we would like to deepen the functioning of the challenges and present the products of the company. You will see that with them, it is a surprising way of eating that is proposed.

Worth a look.

Qu’What does the So Shape challenge involve? ?

Before explaining what are the So Shape challenges, we have to start by going back to what the company proposes and promises. It all starts with Steven Tordjeman, one of the co-founders of the company. Doctor of Pharmacy, Tordjeman wants to offer smart meals as a temporary slimming alternative to classic meals. These meals are composed of a fair balance of calories to stay healthy, while losing a little weight.

It is not strictly speaking a diet, since there is no deprivation or feeling of hunger. However, the result is the same: a few pounds less to fit into your favorite jeans !

The So Shape challenge is about losing a little weight by eating healthy meals over a pre-selected period of time. We are also invited to compare our weight before the start of the challenge and at the end of it. This allows us to form an opinion on the effectiveness of the operation. To set up the challenge, the company proposes to order berlingots containing dehydrated natural food in powder form, to be introduced into culinary preparations or simply into water. It also offers very low-calorie snacks that can be used as a meal.

Then, you have to choose the duration of the challenge, i.e. 5, 14 or 28 days. The products to be consumed during this period are sent by mail and accompanied by a booklet explaining how to consume them.

Which flavors to choose ?

The So Shape challenge requires us to make a personalized selection of flavors by choosing what to eat among the 26 flavors offered. You will find a dedicated section presenting all the possible flavors on the So Shape website. A nutritional card accompanies each product detailing the rate of carbohydrates, fiber, calories, fat, etc.

You can also determine if the product contains gluten, for those who are intolerant.

These flavors are both salty and sweet, variety being the key element to not get bored during the challenge. By the way, if you decide to let yourself be tempted, get a 9.50€ discount on the customization of the flavors on the 14 and 28 days challenges thanks to the promo code : PERSOCHARLIEBIRDY (make sure to select the PERSO option when choosing the flavors).

For sugar lovers

In the sweet selection, we find flavors of :

  • cookie cream
  • brownie
  • raspberry
  • banana chocolate
  • stracciatella
  • mint chocolate ice cream
  • speculoos
  • salted butter caramel
  • chocolate coconut
  • chocolate
  • cappuccino
  • lemon cheesecake
  • hazelnut
  • vanilla and white chocolate
  • strawberry pie

For those who like salty food

As for the savory selection, there are flavors rather associated with dishes like :

  • macaroni & white cheddar cheese
  • chili sin carne
  • pasta veggie bolognese
  • pasta pesto
  • curry risotto

For the salty lovers

We also find tastes more like soups, like :

  • the tomato soup
  • pumpkin-chestnut velouté
  • garden soup

As you can see, salty tastes are more limited than sweet tastes. It’s a pity for those who are more fond of salty than sweet foods. Nevertheless, maybe in the long run the company will develop its salty offer, at least we hope so. Wouldn’t you like to see the mythical taste of mac and cheese appear in this selection? ? Or maybe for the less adventurous, a taste of pizza ?

To drink or to eat !

The So Shape berlingots contain dehydrated natural foods, so that they can be mixed with water or included in a preparation. For example, it is possible to prepare a So Shape meal with real pasta or rice provided by the brand with your salted berlingots. To do this, simply heat the bag of pasta with the amount of water indicated in the booklet in the microwave for 4 minutes 30 and then add the powder from the berlingot to make the sauce for the dish ! Otherwise, the quickest and most adapted solution for sweetened smart meals is to mix the content of a sweetened berlingot with water thanks to a shaker.

You will get a liquid and sweet drink.

So there is no need to worry, all sorts of ways to consume So Shape berlingots are possible. The book that comes with your order will better describe this, and will share with you different recipe ideas to please yourself and spend a pleasant challenge !