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The return of wallpaper: how to choose it well ?

The wall decoration in a house is an effective way to give it charm. It can be done with several decorative objects including wallpaper. This is used very often as a wall covering, and represents a decorative tool really appreciated by all.

It is easy to understand that the current decorating trends take into account the importance of wallpaper return of the wallpaper, because it is a must.

Create an atmosphere in the room with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a wall decoration object that has many features and benefits. It is very trendy, practical and inexpensive. It offers for some years a mass of possibility to create a mood, a pleasant atmosphere.

Wallpaper gives a unique atmosphere, because its different colors and patterns affect the feelings.

Indeed, with wallpaper, all desires can come to life. You have the possibility to realize a personalized and unique decoration. So, to have for example a unique decoration, you just have to visit to get more ideas with beautiful wallpaper patterns.

Also, natural colors give a certain feeling of well-being while the colors a little more daring give more presence and represent the passion. Whether the wallpaper is colored, plain or with an effect, it allows you to give a personality style and an atmosphere to your interior that looks like you.

Which wallpaper pattern to choose ?

With the return of the wallpaper, you will have to choose the pattern and type that suits you, depending on the expected result and your taste. You will have a real embarrassment of choice with the many models available on the market. Each room in the house should have a certain style of wallpaper. So, from the living room to the kitchen, through the bedrooms, the wallpaper pattern should not be the same.

It can be vinyl, non-woven, magnetic, or simply classic.

The classic wallpaper is made of a single layer of printed paper. In terms of cost, it is the most affordable wallpaper. In addition, it allows you to arrange your room to sleep well.

However, vinyl wallpaper has a PVC top layer lined with a paper underlayment to be glued in the traditional way. The non-woven wallpaper is, as for him, composed of cellulose and polyester forming the undercoat to be stuck against the wall.

As we said earlier, the wallpaper patterns to use depend on the room to decorate. So take advantage of the return of wallpaper for the decoration of your living room and your dining room. For these rooms, you can choose a non-woven wallpaper, because it will avoid a feeling of suffocation.

In the kitchen and bathroom, the scope expanded wallpaper is the best choice, because it complements the tile and brings a more cheerful look.

For the decoration of the parents’ bedroom, a vinyl or non-woven wallpaper is more suitable. In the children’s room, you should choose a vinyl wallpaper, because its maintenance is easy and fast. Finally in the entrance, hallway and stairwell, wallpaper type classic duplex or non-woven will do the trick.

Choose to wallpaper one wall or all the walls of the room

Despite the return of the wallpaper, you do not have to use this material to cover all your walls. You have the freedom to use wallpaper on only a few walls of the room, and why not even on one wall !

By the way, when you choose to decorate a single wall in a room with wallpaper, you must choose with great care the wall that you will paint. It is necessary to take into account the orientation of the light, the position of the doors and the windows in order to emphasize the colors. Dressing a single wall with wallpaper can give a certain originality to the room.

Also, you can choose to dress all the walls of the room if this is what suits you. You will even have the freedom to choose different patterns and colors for the wallpaper to use. Do not hesitate to mix wallpaper with bright colors, and those with a nude shade.

Choose to make a wall or all the walls of the room

How to install wallpaper properly ?

Installing wallpaper is not a very difficult exercise, it will suffice to adopt the right way, to have the right reflexes and finally to have the necessary and adequate tools.

Thus, with the return of wallpaper, it will be necessary to learn to know the different steps by which the wallpaper can be installed. The installation should be done in several stages, depending on the situation.

If you have a previous covering, you will have to remove it first before putting the wallpaper. Then, it is necessary to clean well the walls to be wallpapered and to fill the holes and cracks. Finally, think of dismantling all the sockets and switches present in the surface concerned.

After these steps, the actual installation of the wallpaper can begin. To install the wallpaper, it will be necessary to locate the wall on which we will begin the installation or the wall on which the installation will be done. After that, you need to cut the wallpaper, glue it, fold it and finally install the wallpaper.

After the installation, it is necessary to cut the edges of the wallpaper. It should be added that for each type of wallpaper, the process of the installation can vary.

Finally, we can say that the return of the wallpaper is quite good news for the fans of wall decoration. Whether your style is traditional, vintage, modern, or your tastes vary, choosing wallpaper to decorate the walls of a room will always be a wise choice given the multiple choices of patterns available.