How to calculate the percentage of total sales in Excel

How to calculate the percentage of total sales in Excel ?

Tracking your sales revenue allows you to monitor your company’s profits, but it’s equally important to understand how much you’re making’where these revenues come from. If you sell different products or product categories, knowing the demand allows you to calculate the number of items you sell’fit your business to the right model. You may have an item that represents 90% of your sales, so you may want to use your calculator’another n’The number of items represents only 10% of the total. Knowing these numbers, you can decide to specialize in the most successful product.

Microsoft Excel simplifies this calculation by creating custom worksheets.

Step 1

Opens a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2

Enter the name or type of your first item in cell A1. For example, you could write “Action Figures.

Step 3

Type the total sales of the first item in cell B1. If you have $15,000 in sales from the figurines, you would type “$15,000” in cell B1.

Step 4

Repeat this process for each item, or type of item’element, in a new row. In the’For example, if you only sell action figures and toy cars, you would enter “toy cars” in box A2 and their total sales, for example “$1,000”, in box B2.

Step 5

Type “=sum(B1:B#)” in the next empty cell in column B, and replace “#” with the row number of the last filled cell in column B. In the’For example, you would type “=sum(B1:B2)” in cell B3 to calculate the total sales of the two items.

Step 6

Type “=item_sales/total_sales” in column C for each line item. It replaces “item_sales” with the sales by item and “total_sales” with the cell reference obtained in cell B’previous step. In the’For example, you would enter “=B1/B3” in cell C1 and “=B2/B3” in cell C2.

Step 7

Right-click on the title of column “C” and select “Format cells”. Click on the’The “Percentage” option in the’Type “=sales_items/total_sales” in the Number tab and click “OK” to format the results as a percentage. The data in column C shows the percentage of total sales for each item.

Doing percentage calculations online

The method of calculating percentages we learn in the’School quickly tends to get out of our heads once the checks and balances are passed. Using an excel spreadsheet simplifies your life and your calculations.

Nevertheless if you need to make a quick and efficient calculation to find a precise value, n’Feel free to do to online sites. In fact, some websites allow you to do the calculations for yourself by simply entering the basic data.

On http://www.calculationpercentage.For example, you may find data such as the percentage of the total number of items in a row’This is also one of the best ways to calculate a percentage’increase, reduce an amount of’This will give you a certain percentage in just a few seconds without any need for additional information’Use your calculator.

An ideal site to make your calculations during the sales for example, when you need to know which reduction must be made’Apply on your favorite article. An increase is sometimes necessary to calculate, because it is not always possible to carry a lot of luggage’It’s not easy to make this kind of calculation in your head.

Don’t worry, these websites are reliable, but they don’t usually give the calculation made to arrive at such a result’It is therefore not advisable to use them if you have a school need.