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How to prepare your bag for a city trip ?

You are going to explore a particular city for a few days ? Weight and flight restrictions dictate that you should pack a large backpack make a very small luggage that will fit everywhere and won’t become a burden during your city trip ? You are wondering what to take first for your trip ? Find all our tips to prepare your bag intelligently and not miss anything during your trip.

The choice of the travel bag

City trips are short stays in a single city, so you don’t have to go to the same city’There is no need to bring anything else’It is not easy to calculate’for a long trip. Often, city trip enthusiasts only take the bare minimum, which fits in a backpack or a very small piece of carry-on luggage, to avoid having to pack a lot of things’It’s a good idea to have to pay additional hold fees and to be able to go exploring as soon as they arrive in the city’wait for your luggage. Also, a small travel bag made of oilcloth is more than enough to carry you on the plane.

You can also take a large backpack or a very small carry-on suitcase, although it’s a bit of a hassle’Depending on the airline, their presence in the cabin is more and more regulated. We also recommend that you take a waterproof bag so that if you have to move it in the rain, the things contained in the bag will be safe’shoes that are not soggy.

What to bring for a city trip ?

Not much, as space is limited and because of the fact that’A city trip is synonymous with lightness and not more than’clutter.

We advise you to take one or two changes of clothes, and some underwear that you will wash by hand on site.

You should also take something to occupy yourself during the journey to Strasbourg, a book for example or an electronic reader which weighs less and takes less space.

Take also your phone charger, your travel documents, and your wallet’a small toiletry kit with containers for liquids and a small bag for your identity’not exceeding 100 ml each for a total of’one liter. If you have the space, you can also take a spare pair of shoes, but we advise you to bring your own’Choose a pair for the whole city trip that can fit in your backpack’to adapt to different circumstances.

Avoid bringing your computer, laptop, etc’On the one hand, it’s a’It is heavy of’If you take the other part, you go and discover a city not to stay behind your screen.

If you are passionate about photography and it is important for you to have a small bag, we recommend that you take a small bag’have a professional quality camera to immortalize your visits, so take it with you. Nevertheless, this type of’The device takes up space and taking it with you will be at the expense of other things, but the question of what to take with you is not a simple one’The question of what is a priority is specific to each person.

What to bring for a city trip?

Adapting your content to your destination

Depending on your destination, you’ll need adapt the content of your bag. For example, if you are going to a sunny city, you should consider taking appropriate clothing such as shorts, tank tops, as well as other items’adequate equipment such as sunglasses, a cap, sunscreen and perhaps a small water bottle that will be very useful during your visits. Nevertheless, if you take the’If you have a plane, you will not be able to take one with you as the liquid containers should not exceed 100 ml, so we recommend you take a small bag with a small bottle’buy a water bottle’water to the’Once you have passed the airport check-in, you will be able to use it during your stay.

However, if the city you are visiting is very religious and you plan to visit religious monuments, be sure to take covering clothes, the’You can be refused access if you are judged too bare.

If you want to go to the mountains or at least to colder cities, remember to take good socks, a hat, gloves, a scarf and thin clothes that don’t take up too much space’To save space, but keep the heat, like the ranges of thermal clothing sold by Decathlon. To save space’space in your city trip bag, remember to roll your clothes. D’On the one hand, it folds them less than when you fold them, on the other hand, it’s less expensive’on the other hand, you can to make it easier to fit everything you want to take with you.

C’is a detail, yet also think of taking a lip stick, the biting cold tending to chapped lips.