Fenugreek oil what are the differences between the essential oil and the macerate

Fenugreek oil: what are the differences between fenugreek oil and oil macerate? Essential oil and the macerate

Originating from the Middle East and Europe, it is’India, the fenugrec is a plant famous for its many therapeutic virtues. It is very present around the Mediterranean basin. L’Essential oil from fenugreek seed is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants.

There is also the fenugreek macerate, obtained from a mixture of arachidic acid and essential oil’a home-made recipe. L’The essential oil and the macerate are two products with very specific characteristics. Discover here the differences between the macerate and the’essential oil of fenugreek.

Qu’is the’essential oil of fenugreek ?

The seed of fenugreek is a spice that the’It is found in a variety of products traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia throughout the world. It is used to’to have the’essential oil of fenugreek from’a process of’cold compression extraction. The product obtained is considered pure and 100% natural. This vegetable oil is rich in saturated fatty acids such as aloe vera, aloe vera and aloe vera’palmitic acid, the’arachidic acid or fenugreek oil’stearic acid.

’linoleic acid or the’oleic acid.

L’Essential oil of fenugreek has many properties and acts effectively on the skin, the hair and the buttocks. Indeed, the results of fenugreek before and after use are simply incomparable. This product makes it easier for you to care for yourself’The fenugreek seed is a spice that can be used to increase the size of the buttocks’have a soft and silky skin.

To have shapely buttocks, there is nothing like the oil’application of this unique recipe. 1.8 times more concentrated in flavonoids, vitamins, and proteins, l’essential oil of fenugreek also makes it possible to increase the size of the chest. A 3 month cure allows you to benefit from hips hollowed and of’a firmer skin.

L’fenugreek oil has no contraindications and is safe and without side effects. At an affordable price, you can benefit from your oil of fenugrec 100 % bio near sites specialized in the sale of beauty product for woman. You also have the possibility of choosing among different options as regards the volume of your product (30 ml, 50 ml, 10 ml, 200 ml or 300 ml). L’fenugreek oil has also some regenerating, moisturizing, softening and nourishing properties for the skin and the hair.

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What is the difference between essential oil and macerate?’fenugreek essential oil and the oily macerate ?

L’Fenugreek oil organic is obtained from essential oil from the seed of fenugreek’a process that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits contained in the seed. The latter are cold pressed to offer a natural and pure virgin oil. The oily macerate of fenugreek is as for him a maceration of powder of fenugreek or seed in a neutral oil.

The process can be carried out for example with a cold pressed organic sunflower oil.

Its role is to allow a more pleasant use by capturing the benefits of the seed and to make it penetrate in-depth in the skin or the hair. The product obtained at the’from the maceration will be filtered to bring out a clean liquid ready to be used. C’is the’one of the easiest ways to prepare your own fenugreek oil.

This method of manufacture is thus mainly intended for those which wish to benefit from the benefits of fenugrec starting from their personal achievements.

L’disadvantage, it’is that’it does not s’It does not act on the skin’a 100 % fenugreek oil since’it n’It is not totally pure. The macerate does not preserve all the properties of the plant, which reduces its effectiveness’s effectiveness compared to oil on the body skin’essential oil. Thus, for homemade remedies, essential oils are much more recommended than maceration.

What are the virtues of fenugreek oil?’essential oil of fenugreek ?

L’Fenugreek oil has many medicinal and therapeutic virtues. It can be used on the skin, hair, buttocks, hips and chest.

L’fenugreek oil to increase the volume of the buttocks

L’fenugreek oil is very present in many beauty products. Its use allows to enlarge the buttocks and to give more curves to your hips. It is not’It is not a question of’It is not a miracle product, but rather a treatment for’This is mainly due to the presence of beneficial active ingredients and an organic oil that provides a 100% natural action. The properties of the’The use of fenugreek oil allows indeed to give back volume to precise places of the body (buttocks and hips). It s’acts of’a remedy that requires regularity and patience.

A perfect shape does not s’It does not work immediately after a few days of use’use. The buttocks do not automatically start to gain volume after use.

It will be necessary to be realistic and to leave the product time to make effect. L’advantage with the’fenugreek oil c’is that its use is less risky than that of the’cosmetic surgery. It does not present any particular risk for health. To have more voluminous buttocks and voluptuous hips, massage regularly the concerned parts with the’oil every day for at least 3 months.

Generally, the first results are visible only after a few weeks’after this period.

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The benefits of’fenugreek oil on the skin of the face

It s’s a matter of fact, fenugreek oil has many medicinal and therapeutic virtues’One of the main assets of fenugreek oil’fenugreek oil. When applied to the skin of the face, this product penetrates the skin’epidermis, nourishes it, the’cleanses and the’It softens effectively in a natural way. Applied as a mask on the face, the’fenugreek oil also helps to fight against the marks of time, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. C’is an excellent anti-aging treatment that effectively fights against the first wrinkles on the face.

This oil thus favors a slowing down of cellular aging. This is mainly due to the presence of beneficial active ingredients and an organic oil that brings a 100% action on the skin’antioxidants in the product.

L’oil of fenugreek s’It can be applied to damaged, irritated, dry and mature skin. In mask or in pure application on the face, it is recommended for the treatment of the buttocks’It is a miracle product, but rather a remedy for eczema and skin irritation’acne of the face. A regular use will allow to erase your imperfections.

This oil can also be used to eliminate the pockets and the rings which form under the eyes.

The benefits of fenugreek oil’oil on the skin of the body

L’Fenugreek oil can also be applied to the skin of the body. Its softening action tones the skin’epidermis. Thanks to its regenerating properties, this oil helps to fight against impurities, redness of the skin, the skin's appearance and the skin's appearance’eczema, etc.

It is also suitable for irritated, dry, chapped skin and those most prone to stretch marks. By gently massaging the affected areas, you can to prevent acne’It is also suitable for skin that is prone to irritation. The massage allows the active principles contained in the product to penetrate the skin in depth.

L’The skin becomes healthier, softer and smoother. This product is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

An oil that cleanses your scalp

Like many vegetable oils, it is also a good choice for hair’fenugreek oil is very beneficial for the scalp. It allows to to nourish it and the skin’to purify in depth. L’oil contains high levels of protein and nutrients that make your hair stronger and harder. These nutrients help prevent baldness and hair loss.

To give hair its natural strength and shine, the’fenugreek oil can be used as a hair mask.

It also allows to to fight against lice and dandruff. While stimulating their growth, this oil strengthens and softens brittle and dry hair, as well as damaged hair. It can be used in direct application on the hair or in the hair’added to shampoo.

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An oil to increase the volume of your chest

In traditional medicine, fenugreek oil is used to treat the dark circles under the eyes’fenugreek oil is very recommended to increase in a natural way the volume of the breast. This is why it is used regularly’acts of’an essential oil very appreciated by women. Its action on the breasts is due to the plant hormones such as phytoestrogens contained in the product that promote weight gain.

It is’It is now a part of many cosmetic products’Today, it is used in many cosmetic products because it’it allows to firm up the breasts. So you can use it to clean your scalp’Use it to massage your breasts by mixing it with vegetable oils such as’oil’olive. Women who are on a diet and who wish to maintain the volume of their breasts can use fenugreek oil’Use regularly.

In addition, the galactogenic properties contained in fenugreek promote the production of breast milk.

How to use it’fenugreek oil ?

L’Fenugreek oil can be used as a pure skin application or diluted in products (lotions, masks, creams, shampoos) or in a vegetable oil. It is thus easily applicable on the scalp or on the skin. L’ideal is to practice circular self-massages to make penetrate the properties of olive oil’oil in the’epidermis. For the hair, apply a hair mask for a whole night or at least thirty minutes before rinsing.

You can shampoo several times to get rid of all the oil’oil.

To fight against dark circles under the eyes, it is sufficient to use fenugreek oil’apply a drop of fenugreek oil’Apply pure oil and massage the area gently using circular movements. L’The operation will be done morning and evening by taking care not to put some in the eyes. The same process will be applied to the rest of the body for the different anti-aging treatments.

Your oil can also be consumed orally as a cooking oil. It will be It is used to season your various dishes. Its richness in essential fatty acids and its high content of natural antioxidants are great benefits for the skin’for the body and cardiovascular health.