Hair loss : simple solutions

Hair loss: simple solutions

Hair loss, also called “androgenetic alopecia”, is a common phenomenon among people over 40, both men and women. If this hair loss can be caused by a drug treatment, a hormonal upheaval or a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, it can also be caused by a disease’Other factors are at the root of hair loss’The origin of cellulite’alopecia: a poor lifestyle, for example, or the use of essential oils’use of overly aggressive products. But then, how to effectively fight baldness ? What are the good habits to adopt, as well as the effective interventions to regain a dense and full head of hair ? Here are our solutions.

Fight hair loss by choosing gentle, natural cosmetics

Did you know ? The shampoos, masks and conditioners that your child will need to be adopted’found on the market contain aggressive, even toxic substances for the scalp and the hair fiber. C’This is the case, for example, of PEGs (synthetic surfactants), silicones, but also of certain chemicals, such as SLS. L’Repeated, long-term application of products containing these types of controversial ingredients can be harmful to your health’This is the cause of hair weakening, but also of the loss of hair’Acceleration of hair loss.

Therefore, it is advisable to’Opt for more gentle and natural treatments. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are reducing the number of harmful substances present in their products, and some brands are taking action’It is therefore advisable to use only 100% natural shampoos and other hair care products’natural origin.

Delay baldness by taking care of your health

The quality and density of your hair depends on your lifestyle. Also, it is advisable to review your habits, to delay baldness or even avoid hair loss. To do this, consider a better diet, reduce stress and stop smoking are all solutions that can (and must) be implemented.

Hair loss and smoking’diet

You don’t have to’You are not unaware that’A balanced and diversified diet actively contributes to the prevention of hair loss’The improvement of your general health. Indeed, a proper diet helps you to regain your hair’s health’It is important to understand that the body is under a lot of stress, it generates a lot of energy, and it helps to lose weight, but it is also involved in the development of the body’increase your life expectancy. You should also know that’a good diet helps you preserve your hair volume, but can also give your hair shine and strength.

By including a good amount of iron in your daily diet, as well as vitamin C, vitamin B and zinc, you can take advantage of the benefits of a balanced diet’a beautiful head of hair and delay hair loss.

Hair loss and stress

If, contrary to popular belief, stress does not cause white hair, it does however play a role in the development of hair loss l’accelerated hair loss. C’is true, when the’The body undergoes a significant stress, it generates a large amount of energy, and it is therefore necessary to lose weight’hormones, and in particular’Adrenaline, cortisone and blood pressure’androgens. This hormonal upheaval is at the root of the problem’It is the origin of hair loss which, in this specific situation, is not a problem’is not irreversible.

Hair loss and smoking

C’It is true that there is a correlation between smoking and baldness’alopecia. To understand this, it is important to know how to deal with it’interest to the consumer’action of nicotine. This molecule, present in high doses in cigarettes, lodges itself in the scalp and deprives it of all the essential vitamins and minerals that we mentioned earlier.

As a result, hair loses quality, strength and shine and tends to fall out.

Hair transplants: the one and only method to regain a full head of hair

L’The use of hair-friendly products, better nutrition, good stress management and the use of a healthy diet are all important factors’stop smoking are some of the solutions to put in place, to To avoid or delay the phenomenon of alopecia’alopecia. But when’If it is too late and the process of hair loss is already well underway, the only thing left to do is to take a break’There is only one solution to consider: hair transplantation, to be discovered here. This solution offers considerable advantages: a 100% natural and rapid result, a painless procedure, the use of a hair loss treatment, and the use of a hair transplant’lack of hair loss’social eviction, etc.

Increasingly popular, hair transplants must be performed by qualified and experienced practitioners, within the framework of a professional team’an institute specialized in this type of treatment’intervention.