Penis enlargement NATURAL treatments and remedies

Penis enlargement: NATURAL treatments and remedies

You’re worried about the size of your penis, you think that if you could grow your penis and have a bigger penis, you’d feel better about yourself and you could improve your sex, calm down ! These are questions that we know that many’Men ask themselves, because they are dealing with a very masculine (and sensitive) subject that does not require a specific treatment’is other than the size of the limb. L’Penis enlargement is a reality and in this guide we want to shed some light on the different treatments, exercises, devices and natural remedies that are on the market for the male member.

We want to help you better understand your member and know what it is’is and how to enlarge the penis. In fact, although we know that for some people it is not possible to get a dental aligner’If this is a subject that doesn’t let you sleep, you should know that it’s not a problem’there is a solution for everything and, as you will see, as in a man’s penis’other body changes such as penis enlargement’breast enlargement, buttocks or any other part of the body, there are devices, exercises and natural remedies to make the penis bigger and longer.

What you will learn in this guide

  • What’is that it’is that d’enlarge and d’lengthening the male limb
  • How to correctly measure the size of the penis
  • Natural treatments to enlarge and enlarge the penis
  • Devices for the’penis enlargement or the’penis enlargement

Destroying the taboos on the size of male members

Before’how to deal with the subject of penis enlargement’We want to talk about this topic, which is so controversial and gives rise to many conversations (especially between women and men). Some common questions are: What is the average penis length, what is the ideal penis length of the’What do women think of this subject, smaller and “manageable” or larger and “overwhelming”? ? Now we give you all the answers.

What is the average penis length?’a man ?

A lot of research has been done over the years on the average penis size of men’a man in the world. In one of these studies, for example, it was stated that both men and women overestimate the average length of a penis’an erect penis. Of all the respondents in this study, all answered that’it was about 13.8 cm, while the average erect penis in men was about 13.12 cm.

D’On the other hand, according to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, and carried out by a team of researchers from the King’s University, the ideal length of the penis is’According to research conducted by the University of London College and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (UK), very interesting results have been obtained concerning the size of the male member. The data collected during the’Analysis of 17 previous academic trials, which included measurements from 15,521 men from around the world, allowed scientists to calculate averages and “draw” the estimated distribution of male genitalia sizes through our own evolution. The data pattern shows the following:

  • The average length of a penis is’an erect penis is 13.12 cm.
  • The average length of a penis’a flaccid penis is 9.16 cm.
  • The average circumference of the penis is 12.4 cm’The average length of an erect penis is 11.66 cm.
  • The average circumference of the perimeter’a flaccid penis is 9.31 cm.

The average penis size of a man is’a man in the world

In Spain, the’Association of’andrology notes that the average length of an erect male member is 13.58 centimeters. This conclusion is based on studies conducted with more than 500 Spaniards aged 22 to 75 years. Antonio Bolinches, sexologist member of the Spanish Federation of Sexology, says that 80% of men are between 10 and 16 centimeters on average.

There is also another study that reflects the position of Spaniards in the world ranking, which places them in 86th position with an average of 13.58 centimeters, in terms of circumference of the male member, the’Spain has an average of 12.19 centimeters.

Interesting question, n’isn’t it ? But what is the average penis size in the world ? Then’s’acts like a’As this is one of the issues that concerns men the most (because for us size is important), we want to share with you this beautiful infographic from Enfemenino that, from the point of view of the average length of the penis, is the most important’In a very visual way, reviews the average size of penises in the world

What is the ideal penis length in the world?’a man ?

When it s’If you’re talking about ideal length, the answer depends on who you ask. According to men, a penis of 15 cm would be perfect. Women, on the other hand, are very satisfied with their’a penis length of 15.8 cm. These figures are an overall average of’a survey of participants from different countries.

Looking at the answers by country, there seems to be a big difference in the estimated and ideal penis length.

For example, Poland has the’highest estimate. According to them, a rigid penis measures an average of 15.7 cm long (its dream version measures no less than 17.3 cm). A big difference with, for example, the British, who think that’For example, Poland has a penis length of 12.4 cm and prefers to see it 14.2 cm long.

Whatever the length of the penis, it is clear that no one has a flaccid penis’is of’agreement and that c’is a question that will continue to give much to discuss.