What is the ideal size for a desk

What is the ideal size for an office ?

With the rise of telecommuting and the various confinements, the office becomes the ideal place to work’preferred and used instrument of all. It must be selected with care and according to your needs.

Whether it’s for your full-time job or just for less regular occasions, it needs to be chosen carefully.

With different heights and sizes, finding a desk is no longer difficult even if the price may surprise you depending on the model. Of any design and for all tastes, it becomes a real piece of home in its own right.

How deep should a desk be? ?

For select your daily work object, you must ask yourself about your needs. They are generally suitable for all types of size and morphology. The choice will be based more on specific characteristics.

In order to make this choice, you should first consider its depth. The depth of the desk should be adapted to your height so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

The ideal size for a desk should be based on your height. For a height of about 1.65 m to’for people up to 1.80 m, you should select one with a depth of 80 cm.

For all other heights, favor a taller height if your height is over 6 feet and a shorter height for those under 5 feet.

Which height to choose ?

With the depth, the height is important. For example, to arrange your office, a good seat is essential, because you will spend time sitting. On a daily basis, it is estimated that employees spend ⅓ of their lives sitting in the same place.

Like depth, height is measured by height. Depending on the person, they will be more or less high.

To give some general figures, ideally, it is estimated that 65 cm for anyone between 1.60 and 1.70 m tall. For all persons above, it is recommended to opt for 70 cm. For people under 1.60 m, prefer a 60 cm.

Should you opt for a height-adjustable desk? ?

With an increase in telecommuting, innovations have evolved. The trend is to be adjustable. The adjustable is a real asset for obtain an ergonomic work environment.

Easy to use, it allows you to adjust the height, and thus adjust it to the centimeter to your size and your desire. An ideal adjustment will allow you to be seated comfortably and consequently optimize your work performance.

If your seat is not comfortable or badly adjusted, you will not be in a favorable environment to work and your body will feel these discomforts.

Where to place your desk ?

Mainly; the office is a room of its own in the house. However, not everyone has the same space in their home to dedicate a room to their work space only.

Where to place your desk?

For optimize your workspace, it is advisable to place your desk in a room where you feel comfortable and with good natural light. Ideally, it should be close to a window or a bay window.

If this option is not possible and your home has less capacity, opt for a simpler installation. Avoid sticking it to the wall, install it in the center of a room. You don’t want your eyes to be focused on one wall.

You need to have a clear view that can go beyond your computer to let your mind and vision breathe.

At his location, it is important to create a. Avoid all noisy or unlit places. The larger and more open space you have, the more peaceful your mind will be and the better condition to work in.