What causes impotence in a man

Why does a man become impotent ?

Male impotence is a relatively taboo subject for some men. This is a common problem, since it is estimated that 60% of men will one day suffer from an impotence problem’passenger erection. We invite you to read these few lines that explain the causes of impotence in men, as well as the ways to remedy it.

Qu’that causes the’impotence in a man ?

Impotence is a very delicate male problem. The difficulty or impossibility to have an erection can create a feeling of embarrassment and guilt. Yet the causes of the’There are many cases of impotence and this does not mean that there is a real breakdown.

Moreover, the first cause is often psychological. Stress, fatigue, worry, depression and anxiety have a real impact on sexual performance. Moreover, women are also affected by these psychic phenomena.

Even if the desire is present, we notice that the libido is decreasing because of an insufficient production of hormones. Rest assured, this condition is temporary and once you can relax and sort things out, you’ll regain your sexual energy.

Anxiety and everyday problems are good reasons, but sometimes physiological causes can lead to impotence in men. Most of the time, it’s age-related illnesses and andropause. After the age of 50, men develop disorders such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, venous insufficiency.

The blood circulates less well in the body, which explains why it is difficult to have a complete erection.

Other factors such as excess weight, sedentary lifestyle and medication can create erectile dysfunction. However, it is necessary to distinguish between erectile dysfunction, which can be frequent, incomplete erections and short-lived erections. These three phenomena are typical of impotence and are not definitive. Impotence is defined as the inability to have an erection or to maintain a complete and lasting erection long enough to perform a sexual act.

Symptoms must last at least three months to be considered real impotence and not a little temporary fatigue.

What causes impotence in a man?

How to remedy it ?

For remedy erectile impotence, the cause must be determined. Then, simply treat the original problem. It is also possible to take medication to fight against male impotence of physical origin.

In this case, a medical prescription is necessary.

In addition, you can adopt new habits to improve your blood circulation and lower your stress level: weight loss, stop drinking and smoking, regular physical activity, psychotherapy… If you notice that your impotence persists, we recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor. A complete check-up will be done to see if you have any problems such as diabetes or cholesterol. Your doctor will help you find an effective remedy for your physical and psychological condition.

Who to talk to ?

It seems obvious that you are not going to talk about your erectile dysfunction all the time. However, this situation can be distressing and you can enter a vicious circle. As a first step, we invite you to talk with your partner.

If you are in a stable relationship where there is trust, there is no problem to see. With two people, it will be much easier to solve this problem.

If you are not in a relationship, talk to a close friend or your doctor. Alternatively, a psychotherapist can listen to you.

Who to talk to about it?

What to do if your impotence persists ? After three months, you find that impotence continues to bother you. You can then start a drug treatment, a new sport or a new diet. Despite a perfect lifestyle, your impotence persists ? In this case, it is time to consult a sexologist. Some psychiatrists are specialized in this field and can help you find the root causes of your erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes, it may be a buried trauma rather than a physical problem or an emotionally charged daily life.

Whatever’In any case, learn to letting go to live your sexuality in the present moment. Some breathing and relaxation exercises can help you get back to a full sexuality.