What type of packaging to choose for your Charliebirdy business shipments

Which type of packaging to choose for your professional shipments ?

For professionals who have to ship their products to customers all over the world, the packaging to choose is a big concern. Indeed, this formality which can seem to be without interest, influences enormously your reputation and your brand image with your customers.

Why the choice of the packaging for your professional shipments is important ?

The first reason why the choice of packaging is important for a professional mailing, it is its role in the success of a marketing strategy. Indeed, in addition to protecting your product, the packaging represents a suitable enhancement that allows to attract the eye on your company.

This simple packaging can make all the difference to a customer because it enhances the value of your products. You can make it an ally for your company by integrating it into your communication strategy. To summarize, a good packaging can help you to :

  • Differentiate your company and set it apart from its competitors
  • Carry the values of your brand and convey a message to your customers.

The different types of packaging possible

There are actually several types of packaging to use for professional shipments. Everything depends on the characteristics of the package or the goods to be delivered. So if you don’t know what type of packaging to choose, just take a look around this site and you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

The cardboard box

The cardboard box is a package that is perfect for different types of products. Initially, it will be suitable for the transport of heavy and solid products. In this case, you will need cardboard both thick and dense, ideally with triple flute.

In a second time, the cardboard would be also adapted for the transport of light and fragile products. In this case, you will simply need a double fluted cardboard. However, you will have to find additional solutions to protect the product during shipment, for example by opting for padding.


L’envelope is a packaging that is widely used for professional shipments. Contrary to what one might think, it is not only suitable for sending mail or documents. You can indeed use an envelope to transport products like :

  • A small jewelry box
  • A book
  • And any object or accessory small enough to fit inside easily.

How to protect your product when shipping’sending ?

Once you have found the most suitable packaging to transport your products for a professional shipment, you need to find tricks to ensure their protection during transport. Indeed, whether the customer is domiciled in the neighboring city or in another country, the parcel may be subject to several shocks during the trip.

You have an obligation to your customers to ensure that the products remain intact regardless of the shocks or possible falls they may suffer. So as in your moving boxes, you will have to use protections for the padding of the packaging. If the products are light, then the protection must be soft and thick.

On the other hand, for heavy products, you will need a dense protection.

You must as well To arrange the products in the packaging, by making sure to separate them and avoid leaving gaps between them. The products should not be in contact with the outer packaging, as they would be completely exposed to shocks.

The position of the product here will be very important. It must be installed in a stable way, so that no jolt can make it move. Then, to close the package, you can use a wide tape both strong and resistant.

It will be necessary to apply it on the closures, and also on all the corners, the edges, and the various faces of the package.

How to protect your product during the

Finally, it is essential to stick a shipping label on the product to guarantee its delivery. This must be stuck on the top of the package, and mention all the necessary information for shipping. You need to stick it on a flat, smooth and clean surface, so that it is easy to read.

Note that it is not recommended to use the sticky side of the label to close the product packaging. You should even avoid sticking it on the opening or in the corners to avoid it getting damaged.

The packaging to choose for a professional sending is a must-have to stand out among its customers, but that’s not all. In addition to choosing the right packaging, it is also necessary to know the good tricks to pack the product in the best conditions and thus guarantee its good delivery.