Badoo the dating site – All about Badoo!

Badoo the dating site – All about Badoo !

Our era of technology has come with many advantages but also a lot of disadvantages. One of the drawbacks is the lack of time. Thus, the only distraction most people have is behind a screen, either to play, listen to music or to do other things. Seeing, this great period of time, that people spend behind their screens, some creators of websites have decided to make them find love through this way.

This is how many dating sites were created to try to make their users find true love. And it must be said that dating sites have developed very sophisticated algorithms to try to connect people who will get along. In France, one of the most visited sites by Internet users looking for their soul mate is Badoo.

However, some people do not really know this dating site in depth. The editors have decided to remove all the grey areas around this site. So in this article, we will tell you about the history of the dating site, its creator, its users and many other things ?

How was this dating site born, and what is its history until today ?

It should be noted at the outset that the site was born in England, and was the work of a national of that country. It is Andrey Andreev who launched this website in 2006. Very quickly, the dating site will know an uninterrupted growth. This is mainly due to a financial aid of 30 million that its creator will receive, and which allows him to develop his website. has therefore quickly climbed the ladder, allowing it to reach the symbolic 100 million user mark in just five years of operation. It should also be added that at that time, the site was already available in nearly 180 countries around the world.

The badoo team has always been recognized as a leader in terms of innovation. In fact in 2011 the dating site becomes the first dating website to put online a web application. It should be noted that this application was easily accessible and worked normally the Android operating system. The application was an innovation, but for a trial run, it was a master stroke. Because it was quickly adopted by users who were not slow to download it.

Always in this momentum, the site has also experienced the same progression. So the site reached another milestone in 2013, when it announced that it had reached 184 million users worldwide. At the same time Badoo became the fifth most visited and accessible dating site in the world.

The site also boasts nearly 35 million active users every month. There are also an incredible 125,000 users who log on regularly on a daily basis.

But how does this site work ?

The site, like most dating sites, uses algorithms to put people in contact with each other. Thus according to your tastes and your hobbies, the site will associate you with people who have the same preferences as you. It should also be said that certain criteria that you define can influence the results of the site.

In fact, it is the range that will allow you to have only results that respect a certain interval in terms of age. The search may also be different depending on the distance between you and a certain person.

It must be said that the badoo site’s algorithm is very effective, as its number of subscribers has been growing steadily over the years.

Is the site free? ?

It is important to note that the badoo site is normally free. More concretely, you will be able to register on this site, and enjoy most of these features without ever paying a cent. However, in order to take advantage of all the features of the dating site, you will have to pay some money. It must be said that this is the way the site works, this is how Badoo generates money.

This mode of operation is called the Freemium model.

There are some paid options on the site, one of them allows you for example to have more visibility. In other words, your profile will be presented more often to other users than usual. It must be said that these features have a fixed duration, and are called ”super power” on the website. Another function allows you to remain invisible for a certain period of time.

It is also possible to enjoy an express messaging service. This function is also paying. Here are the main features of the badoo site, from paid to free.