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How long does it take to visit Miami ?

The vacations are coming for you ? The word “travel” emerges from your deepest inner desires ? A multitude of countries and cities scroll before your eyes while you are looking for the idyllic place where you will build your most beautiful memories ? No need to dig further, we have the perfect destination for you ! Revel in the legendary city of Miami ! Also known as the “Magic City”, the exotic paradise of Florida will fill that void in you for the duration of your stay. Pack your bags and follow the guide !

How many days to visit Miami ?

Far too many places, too many people’events and activities flow through the veins of “Magic City”. Two short days in the friendly city of many faces will not be enough for adrenaline-seeking vacationers. However, the time of your stay depends on your budget and the period of your vacation.

We suggest you take time on choosing your departure for a flight paris miami round trip.

For those of you who are a bit confused about the weather, don’t be afraid of the weatheratmosphere of the magic city, it will certainly not play tricks on you when you arrive ! In case you are betting everything on the weather of the city in question, “Magic City” is not the type to juggle between sun and rain. Visiting Miami will guarantee you warm temperatures and temperate winters. Rainy periods are quite rare, so don’t panic.

However, it is recommended to visit the city between April and October. We will serve you with certainty and on a silver platter’We will serve you with certainty and on a silver platter a very sunny stay !

On the other hand, for the tourists betting on a precise budget that you allow yourself for your vacations, take advantage of the attractive offers on your Paris-Miami flight as well as your lodging in winter period on French bee. Opt for months such as :

  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March

What to see on site ?

“Magic City” and its remarkable places have more than one trick up their sleeve to melt your heart ! Between the beautiful pristine beaches, the design and architecture reflecting theThe crazy era of Art Deco, you will be surprised by the beauty of the magic city.

Take the time to savor these horizons that we propose to you to make knowledge with the city of Florida:

  • South Beach is a beach that spreads its glittering sandy dress. It flows over a turquoise blue sea in which the warmth of the sun’s rays will soothe your body.
  • Coconut Groove is also an old neighborhood that will rock you with its bohemian and welcoming setting.
  • Wynwood District will be the perfect area for art lovers. Let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the street art that emerges between the walls.
  • Ocean Drive is the place of lights. Succumb to the infinite neon lights.

If you want to discover “Magic City” under another face reflecting various cultures, enjoy these places such as:

  • Little Havana is a neighborhood that will warm you up with its Latin American hands steeped in Cuban culture.
  • Little Haiti will make you visit the corners of its neighborhood. Between its corners, you will hear the various Caribbean languages sung with Creole as well as a hint of English, and French which intermingle in a sensual embrace.

Lovers of the sea and crazy sensations, we propose you places not to be missed and that you will find only in Miami: