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Sanitary napkin allergy: What to do ?

Wearing sanitary napkins is unbearable for you ? Burning, itching, rash… unfortunately, you’re not the only one to endure its complications. Know that about 30% of women are allergic to sanitary pads ! Allergy to sanitary napkins what to do ? Are there alternatives ?

How to know if you are allergic to sanitary napkins ?

Having itching or burning in your vulva and vagina does not necessarily mean that you are having a Sanitary napkin allergy. It would be a shame to miss a vaginal infection because the irritation occurs at the same time as your period ! We take stock of the different reasons that cause these irritations:

  • Vaginal mycosis or infectious vaginitis It is caused by the proliferation of a fungus of the type Candida Albicans. It is the most common infection in women and can be caused by wearing panty liners that dry out the vulva (without causing allergies) !).
  • Irritation vaginitis This is the one that concerns you here. It is caused by the use of chemicals or irritants and by allergic reactions. When you know that some disposable sanitary protections contain glyphosate, developing allergies is not surprising !
  • Atrophic vaginitis The only recommendation is to empty it regularly and not to keep it in at night to avoid a toxic shock syndrome due to the accumulation of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus): it mainly affects women who have had their ovaries removed or who are menopausal. It causes vaginal dryness due to the drop in estrogen levels.

Attention ! Having vulvar itching during your period can be normal. Disposable pads worn for too long, clothes that are too tight or synthetic underwear, too frequent washing, total pubic shaving… All these factors can cause temporary irritation. But in in case of allergy, irritations persist even if you change your hygiene habits.

What are the symptoms ?

Whatever the vaginal infection, the symptoms are almost all the same (hence the importance of consulting a gynecologist to confirm the cause and make a diagnosis on !).

For an allergy to sanitary napkins, the symptoms start with itching and an irrepressible need to scratch. They are most often accompanied by Burns on the vulva. Most of the time, it is enough to remove the protection for the symptoms to stop.

Menstrual panties

The menstrual panties is an alternative particularly appreciated by the women !

This discreet and pleasant to wear panty absorbs the flow of menstruation thanks to an absorbent insert. Washable panties come in all sizes, for all menstrual flows, in shorts or boxer shorts.

They can be worn like a classic panty for up to 12 hours. You can wear them every day, they are totally unnoticeable, especially since they do not let odors pass.

Also known as periodical briefs, they are reusable and can last up to 7 years. Without perfume, without harmful chemicals for the body, the menstrual panties are 100 % natural and 100 % effective.

There are even menstrual swimwear to enjoy the pleasures of the sea or the swimming pool in complete peace of mind !

The organic menstrual protections

If you are adept of the sanitary towels and tampons, there are fortunately solutions 100 % stemming from the organic farming. Without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, with organic cotton that is not bleached with chlorine or dioxin, these hygiene products are just as absorbent as conventional menstrual pads !

The washable sanitary napkin

In the same vein, washable towels are designed with certified organic fabrics. The additional advantage, it is that they are washable and thus reusable, more ecological and durable. Depending on your flow and number of washes, washable pads last about 3 years. They are as healthy for your health as they are for the planet !

Menstrual cups (UPCs)

These small cups to be placed in your vagina will prevent you from suffering from itching and irritation. Choose a menstrual cup whose composition is hypoallergenic with the certification of being without PVC, without phthalates and without heavy metals. Unlike tampons, washable cups are reusabledo not dry out the vaginal wall.

The only recommendation is to empty it regularly and not to keep it overnight to avoid a toxic shock syndrome due to the accumulation of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus). By the way, the same goes for tampons, which should be changed every 4 hours.

The last word You have now the embarrassment of the choice to not have to undergo these itchings and unpleasant burns due to a allergy to sanitary napkins. Especially since these alternatives are all bios to take care of yourself and the planet ! Don’t deprive yourself of it !