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Acupuncture: how it works ?

Everyone knows the’acupuncture for its needles and its Chinese origins. But do you know exactly how this alternative medicine works ? We invite you to discover its scope of application’This allows the practitioner to make an energetic assessment that will take into account the patient’s overall session and its particularities from now on, to better understand why it works.

D’where the anxiety comes from’acupuncture ?

L’acupuncture is part of Chinese medicine. In France, it does not replace Western medicine, but complements it. This alternative method, practiced in the office by qualified professionals, takes into account the effects of the disease’We take a holistic approach to the patient, from his or her eating habits to his or her emotions, in order to alleviate the symptoms felt while acting on their cause.

Little by little, the ancestral method that’is the’acupuncture finds its place and its effectiveness is recognized around the world.

What does anxiety or insomnia act on?’acupuncture ?

At the time of’a first session of the program’acupuncture, the patient answers a set of questions. It allows the practitioner to draw up an energy balance sheet that will take into account the’The overall session of the patient. Acupuncture can be used to relieve dermatological problems, pain, or even disorders such as arthritis’Anxiety, anxiety attacks’Anxiety or insomnia.

L’Some people think that acupuncture will relieve the symptoms, but will go deeper into their causes for a lasting result. The goal is to allow the patient to regain well-being and personal comfort as efficiently as possible.

How is a session conducted?’acupuncture ?

For a first session, the’acupuncturist will get to know his patient. A standard clinical examination with blood pressure, weighing and other measurements will be performed. The patient will then answer the questionnaire mentioned above. The overall session’Acupuncture itself will take place after the treatment.

Some people think that acupuncture will relieve the symptoms of their illness’acupuncture n’It is not for them, because they are afraid that the needles will hurt them. But the needles are very fine and are only felt by the patient’It takes only a fraction of a second and doesn’t hurt. Depending on the pathology, the effects of the treatment may be different’a session can be immediate.

For more information’other, it will take a few days to feel a noticeable effect.