Why create an Ameli Mission Santé account

Why create an Ameli account ?

Whatever your field of activity, you have probably already heard of Ameli. And for good reason, this division of the health insurance specifies, among other things, in the reimbursement of your medical care. To facilitate your access to this service, an online site has been created for you. If you want to enter the dance, here are some useful data that you should know beforehand !

What is Ameli ?

ameli is a service that has been thought and set up by the general regime. The latter is of course a branch of social security with the regime of agricultural workers and that of independent workers. The objective of this service is to keep you informed about the health sector, while informing you about the latest regulations taken.

If you have an Ameli account, it allows you to proceed with the reimbursement of your care and your benefits.

The site also helps you find a facility that provides medical care if you need it. It is also possible to contact a health professional through its online directory. In addition, the ameli account allows you to have a personal space where you can contact an advisor.

This can be done by email or by going directly to the premises.

Once there, you can take information on the CSS (complementary health insurance), the daily allowances and on the work stoppages. Apart from that, several steps are facilitated by Ameli.

Thus, create an ameli account allows you to transmit a care form more easily, to inform about a possible change of address or about the birth of a child. The possibility is offered to you to proceed to the declaration of the loss of your carte vitale and the payment of your health claims. You can also declare an accident that you have suffered and that was caused by a third party.

For your information, you should know that ameli can be downloaded to your cell phone. Whatever your operating system, you can proceed to its installation. Just go to Play Store or App Store.

Then, search and identify the software. Once in your possession, a panel of services is offered on your mobile. You can manage your personal data, contact your advisor by e-mail and consult your reimbursement forms.

How to create an account on ameli.en ?

For create an ameli account, you must go to the platform dedicated to this purpose. You will be directed to a page with the icon, “I create my account”. You will have to click on the button. Then, you will have to fill in your personal data such as your postal code, your date of birth, your social security number and your birth name.

The next step is to insert your banking information. For this, it is necessary that these details have been previously saved in the files of the health insurance. Also, your “carte vitale” must be active.

If these two conditions are met, a page appears and invites you to create an ameli account. To do this, you will need to fill in the last 7 digits of your bank statement. You must also enter in the appropriate field a part of the serial number of your health insurance card.

This code varies according to the version of the carte vitale you have. If you have a type 1 card, you need to enter 8 to 13 digits of its serial number. However, if you have a type 2 card, the last 11 digits are more than enough.

Once the boxes are filled in as agreed, validate the data. These will be scrupulously checked.

If they are consistent with those available in the health insurance files, you will receive the general conditions that you must read and accept. After that, you will have to enter your individual code of 8 to 13 digits. The process ends at this level. You now have an active account.

For information, the individual code is to be memorized.

Of course, if your information is not compliant or registered with the health insurance, you will not be able to create an ameli account. However, you can ask for a temporary code by mail which will be sent to you within a week.

How to know if you have an ameli account ?

If you want to know if you have succeeded in create an ameli account, there is a customer service available every working day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm that you can reach at 36 46. You just have to contact us to ask if you have an ameli account. If you can’t contact the service by email or by phone, you can also go to the office. You will be informed very quickly about your concern.

If these methods do not suit you, you can connect to the ameli page. There is a section “I access my account” and another “I create my account”. In the first one, you will be asked to insert your identifiers, in the box provided for this purpose. If the one you have is not working, you will be notified immediately.

This will allow you to know if you have an account or not.

Who can create an ameli account ?

As previously mentioned, an ameli account allows you to proceed to the reimbursement of your health care. However, to be able to create an ameli account, you must meet certain conditions. In fact, you must be insured and have rights under the general scheme.

If you are insured by the partners of this plan you can also access it. Among these partners you have :

  • CAMIEG ;
  • The CAVIMAC ;
  • The CNMSS;
  • The CRPCEN;
  • THE ENIM ;
  • The PGM;
  • The MNH;
  • La Mutuelle Générale ;
  • The Solsantis ;
  • L’Harmonie Fonction Publique ;
  • The LMDE.

Also, the liberal professions and independent workers such as tradesmen and craftsmen are now affiliated to the CPAM. This gives them the right to create an ameli account and to have free access to it.