Ameli All to know of the Health Insurance

Ameli : All about the’Health insurance

In order to compensate for the slowness of the procedures and reimbursements, the CPAM created the site Ameli. Ameli is now an official website of the French health insurance, the most visited in France. You want to know more then you are at the right place.

What is the Ameli ?

Ameli is an information site about your reimbursements, your rights but also the steps to take with your health insurance company CPAM which will allow you to create a ameli account in order to manage all the formalities online regarding health insurance.

Indeed, facing the slowness due to the congestion of the structures of the health insurance which must answer several requests each day what thus causes long delay which proves incomprehensible for the insured persons. This is why the CPAM decided to create the Ameli site a few years but also an Ameli account available for the insured in order to lighten their steps and to better inform them about their reimbursements, their rights etc. In this way, the health insurance center of the CPAM has been relieved of congestion because the insured people have gone to the site.

How to create an Ameli account

As you know, Ameli is an online health insurance service and in order to benefit from the services offered by it, we teach you here the procedure to follow.

Creating an Ameli account will allow you to have a view on your reimbursements online, to obtain certificates, to stay in touch with your health insurance company by email, to follow your requests but also to obtain a European health insurance card as well as to benefit from several other services.

Indeed, to open your account, write on your browser the link ”www.ameli.and be directed to the homepage of the site. Then, click on the button ”Ameli account” which is on the left side of the screen.

A new page appears and you will notice at the level of the part ”I want an account” and you will click ”I create my account. On the new interface that will appear you will enter your social security number and click on “continue”.

This step consists in providing your personal information such as your last name, date of birth and postal code and click on continue.

Once again you are directed to a new interface that gives you information on your temporary code by mail within 8 days.

After this period and receipt of your code by mail, you will return to the page ofhome of the Ameli website and click once again on Ameli account and enter the social security number as well as your temporary code in the part ”I access my account” and click on ”validate” and here is the end of the process of opening the Ameli account.

How to call the Ameli

If you wish to contact the Ameli, you can do it by :


The CPAM telephone line is a highly solicited line. Then we wish you to send an e-mail. If you wish to get in touch with an advisor in order to obtain a direct answer, you can call the CPAM at 3646.

The telephone platform is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. It is recommended to call the CPAM at opening or closing time.


The birth of the site Ameli has simplified the exchanges with the CPAM. Indeed, after opening your account, you are able to discuss with a CPAM advisor by form through the heading ”my mailbox” and within a better time you will receive an answer from the agents for your satisfaction.

By physical contact

The physical contact remains a good way to obtain information on your situation. If you want a physical contact, you just have to find a public reception point. Given the multitude of reception points, you can find out the contact information by referring to the various letters or by visiting the Ameli website.

How to find your CPAM attachment code ?

To find your code CPAM attachment, several possibilities are offered to you. And one of the possibilities is to go to the health insurance office or to a social security terminal.

If you can not make the trip you can on the national number of social security that we are the 3646 to get your code.

Finally, you can get it on your on the Ameli website.

How to get a new carte vitale ?

In case of loss, theft or malfunction of the carte vitale, you must inform the CPAM as soon as possible to obtain a new card.

Indeed, you can obtain your new carte vitale for free by contacting the CPAM via the Ameli site in the section ”my steps/report the loss or theft of my health insurance card. Then, you have to choose the reason for the renewal of the card, select the beneficiary concerned and finally download all the necessary information for the reissue of the card.

Similarly you can request a new card by mail, phone or on site. Here you will have to fill in the necessary information to get it back.

How to declare a new birth on Ameli ?

The internet remains a good idea in order to make a declaration without making a trip. And to do so, you must connect to your account Ameli account then go to the heading my steps and click on declare the birth of a child. All you have to do is follow the recommendations and you’re done.