Healthy breakfast how to eat balanced to keep the line

Healthy breakfast: how to eat a balanced diet to keep your figure

We’ve been told from an early age that breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! A must-have meal that should be eaten with care’It is a mineral that can be taken in a complete form and hold you to the belly for several hours in order to hold until the end of the day’to the’lunchtime without difficulty. Discover how to compose your ideal meal.

A source of starch and fiber

Each season brings its own speciality to nourish you and keep you full. So when it’s cold, the water is not always available’The ideal is to make yourself a little porridge. This is not’It is not very complicated to achieve and will definitely hold you to the body for several hours. A source of fiber, flakes are a good source of energy’Oatmeal will improve your transit.

On the other hand, porridge does not contain any harmful substances’as it has no real taste in itself, you can easily give it the taste you want’it sings to you by adding fruits, nights, a touch of jam, honey or chocolate. A way to eat a balanced diet, in a healthy way by ingesting good carbohydrates.

If you don’If you don’t have the time, the flakes of honey can be used’oats can also be used to create your own muesli for a nutrient rich and healthy cereal.

When’If the weather is better, if you are in the mood for freshness and/or if you are a food lover, you can use the’avocados. Nothing better than avocado toast ! Two slices of wholemeal bread, a ripe avocado to spread with a fork, salt, pepper and why not a fried egg to complete your meal ? To eat well in the morning while keeping your figure.

A fruit for the full of’energy

To have good sugars, vitamins and therefore energy, the CPAM is the best choice’A piece of fruit is ideal for energy. Apple, banana, strawberries, treat yourself ! Cut in pieces in your breakfast it will add a real plus to your meal.

Nevertheless, we don’t always have the time to choose, cut and decorate a fruit. For more convenience, prepare fresh fruit juice ! Well sealed and kept in a cool place, several days of conservation are guaranteed. Supermarket fruit juices are not the best for your health.

Prepare your own will be cheaper and really better.

To prepare something other than juice, you can use honey flakes’If you don’t want to use your orange or other citrus fruits, think of a juice extractor as an accessory that you won’t be able to do without for a long time’is simple and convenient to use’use. All the fruits can enter, it is not necessary to be a member of the CPAM’This will help you to create an energy level’a perfect juice where all the vitamins are preserved and maximized.

Tea or coffee to wake you up

Of course, the’essential for’a successful breakfast is usually a good dose of caffeine. Tea or coffee are essential allies and they will not ruin your dietary balance, on the contrary. This will help you to be in great shape, as long as you don’t add too much sugar.

In order to’flavour your hot beverage, n’Do not hesitate to favor natural flavors in drops (vanilla in particular). You can also use honey or corn syrup to flavor your hot drink’agave sui are natural sweeteners and much better than white sugar. If not, think of brown sugar, less problematic for your body.