Open up to the world of food

Open yourself to the world of’agri-food

Choosing a career path is difficult enough, but to give yourself the best chance of success, you should choose a course of study that will offer you a stable and fulfilling future. To do this, you must opt for studies directed to a field that hires. C’s the case of the hygiene sector and other sectors’agri-food.

Give yourself a professional future

Indeed, this field offers a number of opportunities, as it is in constant research of the hands of a person’work. It is a fast-growing field, as people need it on a daily basis, as it is used to design various products to meet their needs’food, of course’hygiene and other.

To get into this exciting field, a school located in Brittany, A company with a reputation for seriousness and good results opens its doors to you. You will be able to follow a training in food processing, which will lead you to a solid and progressive professional future.

Significant work experience

To gain experience and optimize your career path, the’alternation is not’is not negligible. Indeed, 17 training courses are available for apprenticeship, so from CAP to’Engineer, you can choose the studies that suit you. To qualify for this alternative, you must be between 16 and 30 years old.

By choosing this path, you will benefit from the same rights as the employees of the company’company you work for, and each month, a salary will be paid to you. This one is fixed according to a percentage of the minimum wage, and according to your age.

A wide choice of jobs

You will then have the choice to turn to a diploma of Production Manager, Industrial Maintenance Technician, Line Operator or Driver, Logistics Agent, Sales Technician or other. L’The establishment will accompany you and will guide you in your choice as it should be.

Whatever’in any case, you will be directed to a real professional future, because the field of’After all, there are over 67 million people who rely on you to be able to feed them and supply them with various products. Think about it.