Penis enlargement

L’penis enlargement

Qu’Is it possible to make the penis longer and more flexible?’penis enlargement ?

L’The enlargement of the penis or the’Penis enlargement consists of a variety of techniques designed to increase the size of the human penis, either in circumference or in length, without loss of rigidity, i.e. by adding up to three times the size of the penis’that is, his or her erectile capacity. The penis usually grows to almost 5 centimeters in length’to the’The age of the penis is 21-22 years, except for men who suffer from “micropenis” (in which case the growth of the penis is not as fast as it should be)’stops).

Making the penis longer and wider consists of a series of techniques, some more aggressive than others’others with the penis.

However, thanks to numerous medical studies on normal penises and micropenises, it is concluded that the male member can be enlarged through stimulation by exercises and other natural techniques and remedies. L’The idea is that you practice these techniques yourself (or under the supervision of a physician)’It is a good idea to ask a specialist to enlarge or lengthen your penis (or both) and feel better in your “little thing”.

Exercises to enlarge and enlarge the penis at home

There are a number of ways to do this’exercises to enlarge your penis at home that you can practice yourself and see the results: be patient ! This does not’It is not a matter of two days, but if you do them with a certain periodicity, you will see how your penis gains millimeters (and even centimeters) and how it approaches your ideal size. These are the most recommended exercises:


The jelqing method exercises, or also known as milking, are exercises that serve to both lengthen and increase the length of the limb’penis thickness. It is recognized as the’One of the most effective and only techniques for penis enlargement is the use of a variety of exercises’This means that the penis is enlarged from the inside to the outside’The penis usually grows up to almost 5 centimeters in length and can be used to enlarge or lengthen your penis’thickness to your penis. L’s idea is to’The idea is that you practice these techniques yourself (or under the supervision of a physician) to increase the amount of blood in the body’There are a number of ways to increase the size of the penis while increasing the size of the penile cavernous body’increase its size. Here are the steps to follow in order to perform the procedure correctly’jelqing exercise:

  • Lubricant: Before you begin, lubricate your penis with a lubricant (preferably an oil-based lubricant)’water).
  • Level of’Erection: You must have an erection of 50-75% (you can not be completely erect). It is necessary for the penis to be a little relaxed so that you can get the blood flowing to the penis’It adds up to the inside of the penis to each milking.
  • Take OK: The fingers and the’The index finger of your hand should make the OK sign and hold your penis with this grip.
  • Movement: With a firm and slow pressure start to make the movement towards the glans. It doesn’t’It doesn’t have to hurt, but it does have to hurt’Repeat the passes until it is strong enough for the blood to reach the glans.
  • To reach the glans: Each pass can take between 2 and 3 seconds if the’It is necessary to have the penis relaxed a little so that you can circulate blood to the area where you are trying to flatten the member (or between 5 and 10 seconds if the member is not flattened)’we want to work on the’thickness).
  • Repeat the movement: Repeat the passes until the blood is strong enough for the blood to flow’until you reach a full session of 20 minutes (if you do it less time, you do not have the time to do it)’will not have to “accustom the member to the movement of blood”).

As s’s’acted like a’s routine’exercise to train your abs, arms, legs or buttocks, avoid overtraining. If you train more days than necessary or longer than necessary, your results will not be the same’will feel it. L’one of the basic rules of muscle and cell growth is that rest is the period during which cell repair and therefore growth occurs (in short, you must let the penis rest in order to grow). These are some of the variations of the’Jelqing exercise:

  • Dry jelqing: Dry or lube-free jelqing is a little less pleasurable. However, some men find them more effective because they are more effective for women’It is easier to retain blood in the penis when it is dry. Another advantage is that’It can be done as a one-handed jelg’a more discreet way (for example under the sheets if you sleep with someone, which with the lubricant can not be done).
  • Lateral jelqing: It is fantastic to solve the curvature of the penis, making the movement in the opposite direction to the curvature (in this case, it is recommended to use the side of the penis)’You can also have a slightly higher erection when you urinate’(about 75%).
  • V-jelg: This variation emphasizes the’thickness and sides of the penis. It is done by grasping the penis with the hand’You can use your index and middle fingers with the palm of your hand facing you (you grasp the penis with these two fingers forming a V).
  • One-handed Jelqing: One-handed Jelqing is as simple as its name’indicates. It is made of’one hand, instead of two’Most men can’t hold a kegel for more than two seconds, and some can’t hold a kegel for more than two seconds’Another advantage is that it is not necessary to do a jelg every time (before doing each jelg, it is advisable to do a jelg every time)’press up to’at the base of the pubis).


They were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s to help women have a tighter vagina after intercourse’Delivery (to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles or “PC” pubococcygeal muscle). Whatever you do’Kegels are not only for women, since they are not used by men’Any man can do these exercises. In fact, this muscle is very similar in both men and women, and it is wrapped up in a plastic bag’tail bone to tail bone’to the abdomen or buttocks’This creates a sort of hammock of muscle tissue that is used to hold the kegel.

Kegel exercises for men are different from any other type of exercise’exercise’penis enlargement, as they are not done with the penis directly, but the pelvic floor muscles are directly hardened and can be done at any time and any place. It s’It’s about making rhythmic movements that contract the pelvic floor muscles.

You can locate these muscles when you go to urinate by interrupting or slowing down the flow of urine’Release the contraction, repeat and do 10 repetitions’Urine (the muscles you use to do this are the ones you will exercise with these exercises). It is the right way to do it’This is a matter of contracting all those muscles by noticing the tension in the penis at the time’Loosen the contraction and repeat: Loosen the contraction, repeat and do 10 repetitions. C’This is the right way to do it:

  • Locating the pelvic floor muscles: Finding the PC muscle is easy. The next time you urinate, stop or slow down the flow of urine’s flow’urine. The muscles you use to do this are the PC muscles. You don’t have to strain your legs, it’s all about contracting all those muscles’Most men cannot hold a kegel for more than 2 seconds, and some do not alternate between a hand and the pubic bone creating a kind of hammock made of muscle tissue at the abdomen or buttocks, but you must focus on moving the pelvic floor upwards (keep breathing while you contract the pelvic floor).
  • Contract the pelvic floor muscles: When you are ready to do the Kegel exercises, the first thing you need to do is contract the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Keep the contraction: Keep the contraction as long as you can. Most men can’t hold a kegel for more than 2 seconds, and some can’t even hold it’will not even make it (note how long you hold).
  • Loosen the contraction and repeat: Loosen the contraction, repeat and do 10 repetitions. Gradually increase the size of the jelg’intensity to the end’The first thing you need to do is contract the pelvic floor muscles.

When you do the’If you are exercising correctly, you should be able to feel your testicles rise slightly. This may take time for some men, but if you practice this routine regularly, you should notice an improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength within 4-6 weeks. Better yet, Kegel n’You don’t need your hands or legs, so you can do it yourself’No matter where you are, it is not a problem’any time.

Weight system

This technique originated with African and Asian tribes who used the force of traction to modify their bodies, thus increasing the flow of blood to the body’i.e. prostheses and weights used to elongate the lips, neck and other. It consists of subjecting the tissues to changes in reaction volume when’They are subjected to continuous pulling power. It triggers cell multiplication (tissue growth), especially of the corpora cavernosa, the suspensory ligament and the rest of the tissues in the area.

This traction applied to the penis is very similar to the penile extensors based on the use of a ball’use of a medical device’It is a medical device, in which a plastic ring is connected to two dynamic metal bars in which is inserted a plastic support or base that contains a silicone rubber to which the glans is attached. L’The disadvantage of this device is that it is not suitable for use in the penis’there is no’It is not easy to use, because it is difficult to put on, take off, adjust, it does not go unnoticed and you can not use it’Do not use at any time. These are the 2 types of weights we recommend:

  • Traditional weights: C’is a ring of silicone or plastic (usually purchased with the size of the glans). Contains a ball suspended from the body’The ring is usually attached to the penis’ring. It is recommended to choose weights not exceeding 120 grams (to avoid future damage).
  • Magnetic weights: These are silicone bands that can be adapted to any type of penis. It s’The ring is fitted with a pair of magnetic beads and a ball of silicone’steel with weights. C’It is so easy that you can take it with you for several hours and they are not noticed, because they are very discreet.

Stretching routine’Stretch

Simple penile stretches are a great exercise for the penis’enlargement of the penis different from the previous exercises. This involves a better flow of energy’stretch the penis in different directions to work on the flexibility of the member. Here is an exercise routine’exercise you can do to exercise your penis and make it grow:

  • Exercise 1: With the’(By pulling the tip of the towel with your index finger and thumb, take the base of the glans and start rubbing it with your finger’back to the left’Do not use the front arm with moderate pressure (remember that the ring is usually attached to the penis)’it s’This is the blood that you are bombarding that flows better and that you are not able to use’There is a better flow of blood’oxygen). This exercise should be done 10 times every 3 minutes with a rest period of 3 minutes’one minute between rounds.
  • Exercise 2: sit down, take your limb and wrap it with a towel (by pulling the tip of the towel from your index finger and thumb, take the base of the towel and wrap it with a towel’inside to the outside’external). With this exercise, you are helping the muscles around the penis to relax. Be careful and don’t let it get too close’Do not over-stretch, as you may injure yourself. Apply the necessary pressure, but do not feel any pain or discomfort. Repeat 6 times 2 minutes at a time.
  • Exercise 3: With this exercise you must be careful not to end up turning it into masturbation. Grab your penis (hold your hand firmly on the trunk), then stretch slowly (strongly). Make sure the movements are slow but prolonged, using enough lubricant to prevent any redness. You can do it 10 times every 10 seconds and repeat 15 times (then return to 30 minutes).
  • Exercise 4: This exercise is a little more advanced. With your right hand, grasp the penis under the glans and pull it out. The left arm is located under the penis and when you pull on it, it is underneath the penis’It involves a better flow of energy’other hand (even the left hand), hold the wrist of the right arm and push it using the movement of the arm. Hold it for 20 seconds.

In addition to these exercises’enlargement and d’There are many different ways to lengthen the male member’Other we will include little by little, but you must know that the results are not immediate. Be patient, take measurements every week so that you can measure the length of the penis’Always do everything gently (at no time should you experience pain or discomfort)’discomfort with these exercises).

Food supplements to lengthen the penis

To help you gain a few precious centimeters, just like in any sport, the’Food will be a faithful ally. Indeed, without a good complete diet with good nutrients, you will hardly see the results. Favour therefore a good diet but especially a good hydration so that your tissues are as flexible as possible.

To help you, food supplements have been specially designed to help enlarge small penises. These capsules are sold in self-service in parapharmacy or directly online. Despite their bluish color, they should not be confused with Viagra which give more intense erections.

Vitaperf is a dietary supplement that helps promote blood flow to your penis. The blood vessels are boosted in this area. In addition to’In addition to increasing the size of your penis, these supplements will also enhance your sexual performance for the greater pleasure of your partner and your own satisfaction.

The ingredients are of high quality’It is a natural product and therefore avoids any harmful side effects. The results are visible after only a few weeks ! Prices are from’There are also very accessible health insurance plans and packages for stable and reliable cures. N’hesitate to ask’Don’t forget to measure the size of your machine before you start your treatment to better measure your progress.