All you need to know about homecare

Home helpers: all you need to know

In recent years, as part of the system of assistance to the elderly and sick at home, the profession of home help has developed considerably throughout France. Today, service companies and associations specializing in this field are adapting to other needs, especially those of families. In this article, we’ll take a look at this issue.

When to use a home help service ?

Today, the companies and associations of home help are generally solicited for several reasons.

To assist a sick person

Whether it is for people suffering from a chronic disease or an ALD, people under medical assistance, or people recovering from surgery or trauma, home help can be necessary, even indispensable.

To assist an elderly person

The system of maintaining the elderly at home has allowed many people who do not wish to be placed in an EPAD and who prefer to stay at home as long as they can keep a minimum of autonomy, to be maintained at home. Home help is very often requested by families. Most often, they are cleaning services and mobility assistance, but also help with administrative procedures.

To take care of daily tasks

Today, many people call upon the services of a professional home help services without medical reason. For example, many seniors ask for help with DIY and gardening and do not hesitate to delegate household and administrative tasks. Home help services are also requested by families for housework, but especially for childcare.

What types of services are offered by home care workers ?

The services that are offered by home help companies and associations are quite diverse.

Mobility assistance

This was one of the first reasons for the development of the home help system. Mobility assistance helps people to carry out daily activities: getting up, going to bed, help with washing, moving around, eating, etc

Help with household tasks

Home helpers also offer housekeeping services: cleaning the home, washing dishes, laundry, ironing, gardening, meal preparation. These services are also requested by people who have no medical reason to use them, but who wish to save time.

Assistance with administrative tasks

Most elderly people are victims of the digital divide. Today, most of the procedures are done online and the elderly are the first to be affected. Assistance with administrative procedures has become a necessity for some.

Child care

Unfortunately, not everyone has a work schedule that allows them to take care of children. Very often, the use of childcare services is necessary. The services vary according to the needs of the families. It can be to bring the children to school in the morning, to pick them up in the evening, to give them a snack, to help them with their homework. For parents who work until very late in the evening or who work at night, it can also be cooking services, and accompanying to bed.

These services can be financed in part by the Caf and are 50% tax deductible.

gardening and DIY

Which senior citizen has not asked himself the question of having to move to a smaller house, because he could not continue to take care of all the daily tasks. Today, home help services offer much more than just classic household tasks. If you have something to repair, to change, or a piece of furniture to assemble, it is possible to call upon professionals.

This type of service considerably reduces the risk of accidents at home. The same applies to for the maintenance of the garden.

How to finance home help ?

There are many aids that allow to finance home help. Whether it is for cleaning services, mobility assistance or childcare, various public and private organizations as well as local authorities can assist you in your efforts. To know them, do not hesitate to inform you on the governmental site of the public service or at Make an appointment with a social worker.

Some companies also offer service vouchers to employees as a benefit. In addition, the system of service vouchers allows you to enjoy many other benefits including tax.