White shirt for men selection criteria

How to choose your white shirt ?

Impossible to deny it: the white shirt for men is the’one of the pieces that’You can find in every closet. C’is a basic garment, unavoidable that s’goes with everything. We find white shirts in different cuts and materials: cotton, linen, silk, wool … The weaves also differ: poplin, Oxford, twill. So, how to choose the perfect white shirt ? Qu’Is the weight of the shirt the same as the weight of the fabric?’a shirt and how to make it’use it to choose the right shirt ?

How to choose a white shirt ?

The quality gentlemen, c’is the basic rule for choosing a white shirt man. You will wear it many times and given the color, a white shirt cheap is noticed by far. Therefore, we favor natural materials, Apart from particular synthetic materials. With a 100% cotton white shirt, you’re sure to make a mistake.

You will surely find a white shirt Café Coton that suits you. Quality level price, c’is the top: shirts in poplin, twill, herringbone … All at affordable prices.

To choose the right cut, you just need to know your body type:

  • Regular (classic): the regular shirt is the classic model which is’It’s a good idea to choose a shirt that fits all body types and that allows you to wear it properly’to be at the right level’comfortable.
  • Slim (slim fit): the slim fit shirt marks a little more the size and highlights the shoulders.

What material is ideal for a white shirt man ?

Shirts are made from several different materials: cotton, poplin, Oxford, twill, denim, linen, flannel, lyocell. The three materials most used to design this essential garment are cotton, poplin and twill. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know how to differentiate the material of conception (cotton, silk, wool) and the weaving (poplin, Oxford, twill).

The natural materials for making shirts are cotton, silk, wool and linen.

  • White wool shirt cotton cotton is the material par excellence for shirts. This fabric is natural and very absorbent, ideal in summer.
  • Shirt in silk Silk is a material that becomes more beautiful over time, very soft on the skin and aesthetically chic.
  • Shirt in wool : c’is a highly breathable and thermoregulating fiber. In winter, opt for a white wool shirt.
  • Shirt in flax : c’is the material par excellence in hot weather. Linen is thermoregulatory and not very absorbent’to 20% of’Moisture without staining’appear. C’It is however the most difficult material to iron.

At the level of weaving, we find most often :

  • White shirt in poplin : c’is the most common weave, made with cotton, wool or silk. C’is usually this weave that’used for formal shirts.
  • Shirt in twill Twill is a fabric that can be recognized by the diagonals formed by the weaving. It is of very good quality, resistant and easy to iron. The white twill shirt can be worn with a professional and formal outfit or with a more casual outfit like jeans and boots.
  • Shirt Oxford This weave is less precise than the poplin, since it is made of cotton’you can see the’squared effect. An Oxford shirt is therefore more appropriate for casual chic or minimalist men’s style.

What weight for a white shirt?

What weight for a white shirt ?

The grammage of’a man’s shirt fits the’unit of measurement of the weight of the tissue. We measure the weight in grams per square meter (g/m²). To choose your shirt according to the outside temperature, It is recommended to rely on the grammage. The higher the grammage, the heavier, thicker and warmer the fabric.

So, when you choose a shirt, you must take into account the material, the weave, the color and the weight (without forgetting the size, of course). Regarding the weight, here are the recommendations to follow:

  • Grammage less than or equal to 80 gsm Ideal shirt for the office’summer
  • Grammage between 80 and 150 gsm Shirt for the off-season
  • Grammage greater than 150 gsm The perfect shirt for the occasion’winter

Of course, these are only recommendations. To choose the right white shirt for you, the’The main objective is to find a model that you like in terms of cut, color, weave, but also that fits your budget and that is easy to wear’matches your outfit.