How to choose a TV stand that matches your home decor

How to choose a TV cabinet to match with its decoration ?

You have just bought a splendid television, you must know that it is possible to choose a TV stand adapted to its decoration. You can’t miss this opportunity if you want to have a harmonious home. In addition, if you watch TV on a daily basis, it is important to make it look good and practical.

In this article, we will help you choose the size, dimensions or storage you can bring to your cabinet.

What type of TV stand to choose ?

There are several types of criteria for the furniture of your television How to choose a TV stand to match your home decoration. Plus, it’s important to know where your furniture will be. Once you have chosen, it is much easier to plan your room. To choose the dimensions of your furniture, it is advisable to take :

  • A length greater than the screen to have a proper balance.
  • A height equivalent to one meter.

In general, they are often very low: it is a means to optimize space and have a comfortable viewing when it is at eye level. Given how you watch TV, it is possible to choose a higher model.

How to’How to match it with the decoration of your living room ?

We will now discuss the style you can bring to your furniture. In addition, you must of course be consistent with the rest of your home. If you want something designer, it is possible in a fairly contemporary room, but it will not go unnoticed if your home is in a loft spirit. It’s up to you to see if a model could fit your interior.

It is possible to find a design TV stand on Conforama.en.

You must also know if you want to use this piece of furniture to add storage. You can use it on a daily basis by storing anything you want in the drawers or cupboards it contains. You can potentially store cables, a box, or even DVDs to watch your favorite movies whenever you want.

Opt for a small piece of furniture if you have a small living room. If the room configuration allows it, you can also find out about corner TV sets.

How the

Where to place your TV stand in your living room ?

Here are some tips on where to place your know where to place your furniture :

  • In front of the seat, depending on the type of acne’where you are to watch television, you need to find a place for your furniture. In general, we put a sofa in front of the television to allow you to be comfortable.
  • Depending on the size of your screen, there must be a suitable distance to avoid damaging your eyes and to be able to see what is happening on your screen.
  • There should not be too many light sources, as this can create annoying reflections.
  • If you regularly watch television while eating, consider placing it so that you can see it from your dining table.

Now you know choose your television cabinet who will accompany you throughout the life of your television or more according to your affinities with it. Don’t hesitate to call on a consultant or a furniture professional to get something that suits you. A friend or family member can also take on this role when you need an outside opinion.