How to design a senior bathroom

How to fit out a senior bathroom ?

Elderly people, sometimes called seniors, do not have the same mobility capacity as children or adults. It is therefore important to arrange and optimize their movements, and this, within the house itself. This involves a complete reorganization of the accessibility in your home, and particularly in your bathroom.

The bathroom is a crucial element for the hygiene of the elderly and these people sometimes have difficulty accessing certain key points in the room. Here is a complete guide on how to do it designing a bathroom for seniors.

What facilities are essential for a senior bathroom ?

Some features are more important than others for the mobility of seniors. Indeed, we will see together how to choose the bathroom equipment that will greatly facilitate their life and their movements. It is important to note that you will be able to find all these equipments at low prices on the 123medical website.

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In order to fit out a home for a senior citizen, you can start by install support bars. The bars of maintenance are a very effective solution to equip your bathroom, insofar as you can install some a little everywhere in the room. Indeed, whether it is to facilitate access to the shower, or to allow the elderly not to fall, this equipment will drastically improve the quality of life of the elderly’accessibility for seniors.

retention bars

The exit of bath

The bathtub exit for seniors is an ideal solution, especially if you have a bathtub. Indeed, the bathtub is not really recommended for the elderly, as it generally requires the use of a bathtub’to be able to access it. The bath exit allows you to get in and out of the bathtub rather easily, even if we remind you that walk-in showers are more suitable than bathtubs for seniors.

A WC enhancement

The toilet enhancer also facilitates access to toilets as well as the overall comfort of their use by the elderly. As we know, many bathrooms have toilets, so it is as important to take care of them as it is to take care of the bathtub.

The toilet seat can be adjusted according to the wishes of the person using it. It facilitates its use, but also the fact of sitting down or getting up from the seat.

A step of’access

As its name indicates, the access step will simply allow easier access to different areas of your bathroom, whether it is the bathtub, the toilet, or the sink.

A seat for the bath

A very original solution, the bath seat allows people with mobility difficulties to sit in the bathtub instead of lying down. It is the ideal solution to avoid having to install a shower.