Buy outdoor clothing for men how to make the right choice

Buying men’s outdoor clothing: how to make the right choice ?

Discover new horizons, visit a new country, by the road or the forest, all possibilities are good. However, it is not advisable to leave home without the’adequate equipment. When you go into the wilderness to ski, climb or snowshoe, it is essential to have the right technical clothing. Each activity has its own speciality and requires a particular equipment !

What outdoor clothing for men to buy ?

The outdoor clothing You can choose your food according to several criteria: for sports or for everyday use.

Pay attention to the season

The first is the current season or the season “in progress” there you will. Across the globe, the seasons are reversed. When winter comes to France, in the southern hemisphere for example, it is summer that reigns supreme !

Find out in advance to make sure you choose the right outdoor clothing. It is the same for accessories: we are careful to make sure that you have the right choice moisturize your hands in winter by carrying appropriate products and using sunscreen in the summer.

Make your choice according to the activity

The second criterion to take into account is, of course, the activity practiced. Indeed, some types of outdoor clothing for men They are specially designed for a particular activity: cross-country or downhill skiing, cycling, hiking, climbing, etc. They take into account the movements made, the evacuation of perspiration, the resistance to bad weather, etc.

Choose a material adapted to your needs

The third criterion not to be neglected is the material of manufacture of clothing. Synthetic materials, natural materials (lyocell, wool, modal) or even hydrid materials.

Some materials are ultra-light, quick-drying, allow natural thermal regulation, etc. Before choosing a garment, find out the advantages of its material according to your needs.

The outdoor invites itself in the dressings

The fourth criterion is the trend, since outdoor fashion has become a real style of clothing. Some men don’t choose fabrics that are outdoor clothing to practice a sport, but good for everyday wear.

To make your choice, we will only advise you to choose the right fabric’one thing: Be yourself !

Three brands of outdoor clothing for men to have in his wardrobe

Much more than technical clothing, outdoor fashion has made its place in the wardrobe of each of us. C’has become a state of mind, a way of life and a way of apprehending daily life. Outdoor clothing for men, such as Atlas for Men , are now cut for an urban, trendy and practical look.

Three of the best brands of outdoor clothing for men

The North Face

The The North Face brand is a real reference in the outdoor field. Created by the environmental activist Douglas Tompkins in 1966, The North Face specialized in mountain sports clothing and accessories.

Today, the brand has diversified to offer items for many sports, but not only. The outerwear style has also made its way into The North Face collections.

To this day, The North Face is part of the same group as the equally well-known outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories brand Timberland.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen brand, born in 1877 and created by the Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen. The primary objective was to offer warm and comfortable clothing that could withstand humidity and sea water.

Based on this principle, Helly Juell Hansen and his wife developed specific clothing for extreme weather conditions.

Today, the Helly Hansen brand is always a success. Thanks to constant innovation and versatility, the brand has stood the test of time and is still a reference in the field today.


This French brand was created in Haute-Savoie in 1947, more recent than the two previous ones, but no less qualitative.

The Salomon brand offers all kinds of leisure and sportswear, but is mainly oriented towards mountain sports. Without ever skimping on quality, Salomon never stops innovating by offering articles for a wide range of outdoor sports.

Salomon is a reference in the world of sports since its creation ! Quality, innovation, requirement have made it the great brand we all know today.